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Hi! I'm an aspiring producer and project manager currently studying at NYU Tisch. I major in Game Design and minor in the Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. Here you can find my portfolio of games and other artistic endeavors I have worked on over the years. I hope you enjoy my catalog of work!

Recent Works


Oct - Nov 2021/ Team Size: 4/ Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Anamnesis is a first-person thriller mystery . The player is stuck in an unknown world with no memory of his past. Explore the space, find mazes, monsters and body parts.  Phase through portals, defend against monsters, and explore a new world cut off from the rest of society.

Apr - May 2021/ Solo Project/Art direction and pitch deck for mobile game

Elysian is a concept for a mobile multiplayer, semi-augmented reality, real-time strategy, and hidden information game. 4 to 12 players enter a match and receive 1 billion dollars with task of changing the world for the better. Complete your task, sabotage players, and reshape the world in your image.


Nov- Oct 2019/ Team size: 3/Board Game

A popular Japanese restaurant has grown in infamy for serving all its customers without anyone seeing a single chef. What people don’t know is that behind the conveyor belt of this mysterious restaurant is a warzone between food! Players are competing against each other in order to serve the most dishes to customers before the night ends. Complete dishes and upgrade your chefs in order to be the first to reach $30!

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