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This is a first-person thriller mystery. The player is stuck in an unknown world with no memory of his past. Explore the space, find mazes, monsters and body parts.  Phase through portals, defend against monsters, and explore a new world cut off from the rest of the world.

Video Created by: Steve Hu

Created by Bader AlQahtani, Carson Gilford, Edith Chen, Steve Hu


Bader AlQahtani

  • Lead Programmer

  • Post Processing 

  • Game Designer

Carson Gilford

  • Project Manager

  • Level Designer

  • Game Designer

Edith Chen

  • Lead Artist

  • Level Designer

  • Game Designer

Steve Hu

  • Lead Audio Design

  • UI/UX programmer

  • Game Designer

Project Management

As the project manager of Anamnesis, I was tasked with setting up the overall road map of our four-week project.

Management Tasks Included:

  • Trello setup & management

  • Source control setup & management (Github for Unreal Engine 4)

  • Schedule management

  • Established time  line

  • Schedule and run meeting

  • Schedule and run playtests

  • Distribute notes and critique fellow collaborators 

Photo of Team

Level Design

I was responsible for the design of Anamnesis's main level. The team had decided the first level would be a labyrinth where the player would have to find the leg of a deceased victim of the game's unknown killer. This leg would open up a door to allow the player to complete the level.

Paper Prototype

Version 1

Final Version 

Concept Art by: Edith Chen

Concept Art by: Edith Chen

Game Design

The game design for Anamnesis was a collaborative effort. Most of the game functions were decided on in group brainstorming sessions. Our primary focus was having the gameplay feel slow and explorative. For our main enemy, we wanted it to feel like an unstoppable force. We designed it to be invisible until the player came in contact with it and gave the player a flashbang weapon that would only slow the monster, allowing the player to escape.

Flash Bang

The flashbang system is an item the player picks up. When the player presses E and is close to the enemy, it will throw them back, giving the player time to get  a way. The flashbang is on a 10 second cool down.

Video and Programming done by: Bader AlQahtani

Enemy Interaction

The player coming in contact with the enemy is a significant interaction in Anamnesis. The team decided the monster was invisible with only audio cues to tell the player when the monsters is close. When the player finally does come in contact with the monster, the player is then slowed, and the overall level changes slightly. 

Video and Programming done by: Bader AlQahtani

Anamnesis - Screen Grabs

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