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The choices I have made demonstrate how I have evolved over the past four years during high school. These influenced the person I have become. I am ready to tackle my next step of growing academically, socially and emotionally as a college student.


During a recent summer, I was fortunate to intern on Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I worked within the art department, alongside the camera crew, and with the set decorators for about three weeks. Through observation, I learned the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Being able to experience the environment of a fully functioning movie set taught me the importance of working as a responsible member of a group for a larger common goal. I will take these lessons with me to college to contribute to the experiences of my fellow students.


Like many kids, I have loved games my whole life, playing card games, MMO'S, tabletop RPG’S, and many more over the years. In pursuit of fulfilling my passion for creating games, I have taken Photography 1 and 3D Character Modeling/Gaming classes at Art Center College of Design’s Saturday High School and High School Summer Camp for Character Sketching at Gnomon Workshop in Los Angeles. Also, I studied game design at NYU Tisch for four weeks last summer. During these classes, I appreciated the opportunity to work within a team environment in a college setting and loved it.


I am hoping to make a substantial contribution to a campus community because of my demonstrated dedication, collaboration, and leadership skills. As an active member of the cross-country team since ninth grade, I earned a varsity letter and an appointment as co-captain. As a result of founding the D&D club at my school and running varsity cross country, I have developed leadership and team building skills, confirming my fit for collaborative projects such as game design. Importantly, I remain driven to learn how to design, develop and implement the latest video game technologies in college.

Working on the set of Kingsman: The Golden Circle in the UK as a production assistant for the camera and greens departments.

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