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Elysian is a mobile multiplayer online real-time strategy game featuring augmented reality functions


This fundraising pitch and complete art direction for and augmented reality mobile game.  The pitch features a full synopsis of gameplay, budget, current landscape research, distribution strategy, marketing strategy, and revenue potential. This pitch was created for an NYU Stern class titled Business of Video Games and was a mock internal documented for Niantic Inc.  Along with the pitch I had also produced an extensive design mock ups.

Link to complete pitch deck for Elysian


Elysian is a multiplayer, semi-augmented reality, real-time strategy, and hidden information game for mobile. Four to twelve players, also known as Forerunners, enter a game where each receives 1 billion dollars, a unique insignia to keep their identity anonymous, and a Porter. Players will also choose an objective to pursue. One player will secretly be given the title of Creator. Players will use their funds and their porter to purchase and execute tasks to further their objective or disrupt their opponents. The game is meant to be played over multiple days, requiring some commitment over a long period of time.

How to Win

A player must complete their objective or eliminate all other players' porters, or players themselves, to win.  If all players run out of funds before achieving their goals then the player closest to completing their tasks wins.

The Porter

The Porter is an A.I. concierge that can answer questions and execute tasks asked by the player. Porters are in-game objects players will move around a real-world map to keep safe from other players.  If another player eliminates your Porter, you lose.

Concept art for the Porter. a large oversized computer players must transport


Each player that enters the game is known as a forerunner, and the goal of the forerunners is to complete their objectives using any means necessary.

The Creator

The Creator title gives a player special abilities within the game.  They have the same abilities as other players; however, they cannot destroy other players’ Porters but know where all porters are located. The main ability of the Creator is to introduce a set amount of parameters on how other players can spend money at the game's start. For example, a rule that could be introduced is players cannot use their funds on violent acts or allow funds to transfer between players. If a player breaks a rule set by the Creator, they have the option to eliminate said player from the game.


This is an initial budget breakdown for Elysian. I had used comparable games budgets as reference like Pokemon Go.  For a more in-depth look into the budget please refer to the pitch deck linked above and below. This does not factor in marketing.

Competitive Landscape

Elysian is competing in two markets:

Augmented Realty(AR) Games:

  • Niantic Inc. holds a majority of the AR games market

  • I mocked pitched to Niantic Inc for this reason

  • Microsoft and Mojang have also experimented in the AR space with Minecraft Earth

  • Social media apps have also significantly increased there reach into AR

Group Oriented Multiplayer Strategy Games:

  • Similar titles: Among Us, Risk, Ingress Prime

  • Multiplier strategy games with friends

  • For long form play over multiple days

  • Passive play for when players has free time

  • Built for friend groups both In real life and online

Marketing Strategy

Online Advertisements:

  • Trailer Release

  • banner ads

  • website prerolls of trailer before video on platforms like YouTube and twitch

In-game advertisement: 

  • Pitch built for Niantic Inc.

  • adds and sponsored events within Niantic Inc. titles like Ingress Prime

Public Publicity Events:

  • In-game items appearing In real life (EX: Porter Trucks)

  • Social media pages set up for in game characters

  • Hidden events and objects for the game hidden in the real world

Revenue Potential

  • Cosmetic based microtransaction for player and UI/UX Customization

  • In game advertisements as promotional in-game items and events

  • In game advertisements that leads player to real world locations

Mockups for Elysian

In Game Insignia

Each player obtains an insignia that correlates with their numbers.  This symbol acts like a profile image and will change from blue to red when a player has been eliminated form the game.

Porter/Game Logo

The game logo also acts as the center of the UI of the game.  When a player presses the insignia it allows them to activate their Porter and give it orders.

Main Menu

Transport Order

News Statement

Elysian is a multiplayer; semi augmented reality, real-time strategy, and hidden information game for mobile and PC. Four to twelve players, also known as Forerunners, enter a game where each receives a billion dollars and insignia to keep their identity anonymous, a Porter, players will also choose an objective to pursue. 


Number: 11 executed an order

Movement of Porter confirmed. Shipping to California from Amsterdam

Hello Number: 10

The main menu of the game is designed to simulate a smartphone's UI. At the top a player can access each of their opponent's elimination status. The upper middle is comprised of a news scroll  showing the latest order executed by an opponent. Below that is the player's store, messaging, bank/money log, and player's profile.  The middle of the screen is the player's access to their Porter while the bottom allows access to a map showing the location of play.

Transport Order:

This mock-up is showing Porter movement over a long distance.  The yellow mark shows where the Porter is on the map while the image depicts that it's at a port ready for movement.  The description to the right of the screen entails where the Porter is coming  from and where it is going.

News Statement:

The news log is an expanded version of the news scroll on the main menu.  Here the player can read a detailed log of what order was executed and what player executed the order.

Porter Sketches

The Porter is supposed to be a large object the player has to keep safe.  If a player's Porter is destroyed, they're eliminated from the game.  Therefore the Porter must be mobile.  I based it design on German anti riot trucks which resemble large boxes that look stackable.

Link to complete pitch deck for Elysian

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