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A popular Japanese restaurant has grown infamy for serving all its customers without anyone seeing a single chef. What people don’t know is that behind the conveyor belt of this mysterious restaurant is a warzone between food! Players are competing against each other in order to serve the most dishes to customers before the night ends. Complete dishes and upgrade your chefs in order to be the first to reach $30!


Carson Gilford

  • Project Manager

  • Rules Creation

  • Game Designer

Donavan Robinson

  • Rules Creation

  • Game Designer

Maria Roxas

  • Lead Artist 

  • Game Designer

Game Rules

Cards and Pieces

Game Board

Player Character Sheets

Behind the Design

GonPachi is meant to simulate a chaotic cooking environment. To capture the chaos of a kitchen, the team decided on resource management to a grand scale. The player must simultaneously manage the ingredients and recipes while being the fastest to get dishes out. All this must be addressed while also avoiding sabotage from other players. We blended a light-hearted theme with a complex resource system found in more traditional tabletop RPGs. GonPachi is a family-friendly game for experienced tabletop gamers. See who can best and most dishes!


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